Here’s another video…

This time I demonstrate how I used my SousVide Supreme to cook a couple 4505 Meats’ Cowboy Chops for a dinner party. Yeehaw!

The process for sous viding the rib eyes was straight-forward and simple; I seasoned the steaks the morning before, stored them in the fridge, and dunked them in the water oven the morning of the party.

We ended up only serving one gigantic chop because they were 2.5 pounds each. I chilled one of the cooked steaks in an ice bath before storing it in the freezer. The remaining chop was seared on our gas grill and I evened out the char with my kitchen torch.

See? It really is like cheating!

Dear friends, how did we ever not have steaks like this? I will expect this when I return.

I have a self esteem issues after watching this. My torch is tiny and it takes 12minutes of waving it at the meat to get a remotely char’d piece of meat. I’m having trouble finding larger torches in France. At least casually or on amazon. I am certain now I need one.